Did you know?

Parkinson’s is an incurable, degenerative condition which can affect anyone but despite that research released by Parkinson's UK  on the 10th April reveals that: Almost half (48%) of people are unsure, or wrongly say that it is possible to prevent Parkinson’s. Four in five (83%) are unsure, or incorrectly think that there is no limit … Continue reading Did you know?

Welcome to the Shaky Team website

Follow the 'Shaky Team from Shaky Toun' and help raise £60,000 to fund research to finding  a cure for Parkinson's disease. More than £6,800 raised to date (28 Feb).  Fantastic. The Shaky Team includes: Nick James, Donald Coltart, Stuart Henderson, Keith Vance, Pete Murray, Ian Findlay and me. Do you want to join the team?